Professional Tree Service Company - Based out of Felton, PA

Streamline Lawn & Tree
Professional tree service company - based out of Felton, PA
Storm Damage
Summer storm broke this Maple tree and it crashed into the pool.
Tied off limb
Using straps to hold limbs after we cut them.
Truck and Chipper
The view from the tree of the Brush Bandit chipper and Ford F550.
Using a strap to redirect the rope.
Dead tree failure
This Oak was left standing so long the base rotted and fell over in a wind storm. We had to use the skid loader to lift it off the electric wires.
Hollow Beech tree
This old Beech was HUGE and hollow.
Leaning Oak
Taking this one down one piece at a time.
York, PA
Working in the snow.
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Streamline Lawn & Tree, LLC. - Professional Tree Service Company based out of Felton, PA     

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